GoPro Photography Tips (Snowboard/Ski)

hey what’s going on everybody my name is Jeremy in case you’re new here and that is my dad’s old Canon SLR camera from back in the 70s it’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come with cameras today and pretty much anybody could become a photographer and post up their pictures on Instagram so I’ve been going snowboarding and skiing this winter and I’ve been trying to think of some tips that I could share with you guys to take better pictures with your GoPro so I’m going to cover a few techniques that you guys can try out and also show you some easy editing tips that you can use on your smartphone using free apps all right so the first thing that I would recommend to get is a selfie pole this one is by go pole and it’s the Evo and extends out to 24 inches it also comes with a Wi-Fi clip so you can attach your Wi-Fi remote take pictures and hit record right from the pole itself the way I mount my GoPro camera is with that much of an angle you don’t want to go too much this way and you don’t want to go too much that way this is like the perfect amount so the GoPros have several picture modes you have single picture mode you got time-lapse mode and then also burst mode for snowboarding skiing fast action type of sports you don’t want to use single picture mode because you’ll definitely miss the shot if you’re snowboarding and skiing I would recommend to use time-lapse mode but not for jumps and rails but if you’re going to use time lapse mode set the interval to a half a second so you’ll be more likely to capture what you want to capture now if you’re hitting jumps if you’re going to hit boxes you want to use burst mode a second before you’re going to take the jump or the box hit the shutter button on the remote or on the camera itself and you’ll be good to go so I didn’t mention this yet but it’s pretty obvious you want your pole to be fully extended like I said before this is 24 inches long and I think that’s like the minimum that you would want to get your full body in the shot so from this example what I did was I hit the shutter button to start taking burst mode about a second before I hit the box and what I did as I started to get onto the box I tilted the camera this way and I know what you’re probably thinking why would I want to take a sideways picture well later in editing I’m going to show you how to rotate the picture scale it in a little bit so that it’s straight now the reason why you want to do this is because if you do it the other way the pole will be in the center of the shot but don’t get me wrong you could take your picture however you want this is just my tip and how I like to do it alright so straight out of the box the GoPro will take amazing pictures it’s in full auto it’s pretty smart but if you want more control over your color correcting later you’re going to want to enable protune on your GoPro use the flat color image and also the negative white balance alright so there’s three apps that I would recommend to use to edit your GoPro pictures we got Adobe Lightroom vseo and Snapseed so I haven’t used Snapseed in a while I recently got Lightroom and I’ve been liking that a lot more so I would just recommend try Lightroom if you can’t get the hang of it try out Snapseed and then figure out which one you like better so I’m just going to talk about Lightroom in this tutorial so I’m going to go to the image I was playing with earlier and here it is so I’m just going to give you a quick tour of this app show you what you can do and then just do a quick edit of this picture in fast motion because I don’t want this to be too boring but anyway here at the bottom you got these three circles and these are basically filters that you can apply to your image so there you go you got a few here you can adjust the color you got different settings here black and white you can do if you want detail settings but normally I don’t play with with that so what I’ll do is mess around with the white balance settings so down here you’ve got white balance all you could do you know as shot auto or custom which I’m going to be doing custom and I’m just going to show you quickly what you could do down here and then I’m just gonna like I said edit this up so you got the temperature the tint Auto tone exposure contrast highlights shadows whites blacks clarity vibrance and saturation so I’m just going to go ahead and edit this real quick and see what it looks like before and after all right so I’m pretty happy with this image it looks pretty good so that’s what I would normally do in a Adobe Lightroom is just fix the color so that it looks sort of like how it did that day now the next step would be to top right corner hit this button here and then just save it to gallery I’m going to go ahead here and go into vsco and open up the image I just edited in Lightroom down here you got a few filters so you know you could just go through and see which one you want I’m not going to really go in depth with this because it’s pretty self-explanatory it’s kind of you know whatever one you like you get and just want to quickly show you here at the bottom right you got a shopping cart you can go in here and then if you want buy more filters but there are some free ones out here so I pretty much downloaded all the free ones but I’m seeing a new one here by Nike lab so maybe I’ll get that later I don’t even know what this is but yeah I’m gonna go straight to Instagram now and show you what you can do in there okay I’m in Instagram that’s my picture kind of extend it out and then just proceed to the next step and what I’m going to do here is hit this gear button the tool and we just zoom out here a little bit there we go and what I want to do is go to adjust top right corner I’m going to hit this rotate it so that it’s straight and then just move it up a little bit so that my skis aren’t cut off and I can actually now I can’t bring it over but yeah that looks pretty good so I’m hit the checkmark and now I’ll do a few more adjustments in here I mean this is kind of cool makes your image pop a little bit but I’ve been really into like using a faded look on my images lately so I’m going to bring the contrast over to the side a little bit and you could probably hear the dogs going off upstairs which is always great you know so here we got a fade setting that I like to use and I’ll fade it a little bit to get that fade look and that looks good and I think I want it just a tiny bit more brighter so I’ll go to the brightness and just bring that up a little bit and basically that’s all I do for all of my you know my my GoPro Instagram pictures and if you’re not really too sure on how you should be editing them using these features down here don’t I mean it doesn’t matter you could just use the built-in filters that you know Instagram has an ear or in vsco and this last bit of advice with just to be as creative as possible and just have fun with it if you’re doing that you’re doing something right and the more practice you get the better you’ll be uh so yeah guess what I bought my first pair of skis and after this videos uploaded go into the store to pick them up I went earlier got my boots fit and everything looks good tomorrow I plan on going to Mountain Creek in North Jersey should be a lot of fun I hope so uh but yeah if you guys have any more comments or questions there’s a lot to cover when it comes to taking pictures with your GoPro so if I didn’t talk about it ask it down below I’ll try to get to you and I’m sure if I don’t get back to you somebody else will get back to you that might know the answer hopefully but anyway if you like this give it a like that helps me out so much you wouldn’t believe it and yeah that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you in my next video bye tomorrow I’m going to Mount Vernon Mountain Creek has what’s called really really really really looking for this happens every time I need to make a video that’s going to be the end of this video I have no idea why I’m doing this I’ll see it in my next video don’t know why I did that either


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