MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS & TRICKS – Number 1 Tip For Perfect Focus

hi and thanks for dropping by on a previous macro photography tutorial we were taking a look at the plane of focus and how important that is to your photography how important it is to getting your subject or subjects in focus and if you haven’t seen that tutorial you may want to check it out right now I think the banners gone up top there now today what I’m going to do is I’m going to pass along a huge tip to you on how to make the subject extremely sharp how to make it perfectly clear how to put it in perfect focus when I use my camera I’ve always been a viewfinder kind of guy the LCD screen on the back of the camera I haven’t used that much for actually composing anything but when you’re doing critical macro photography the LCD screen can be your very best friend here’s how as we go through this tutorial if you have any questions or comments please address those below so here’s the subject that we’re going to be using today it’s got lots of little thorns needles coming out and we’re actually going to focus on just one of them first thing we do is we set up the camera on live view so that we’re going to be looking through the LCD screen on the back of your camera so once we’re on live view make sure that your camera is in manual focus alright now we can focus and get something that looks pretty good on the LCD screen but here’s where the magic starts we’re going to magnify so first we press the magnification button and move the focus point over to what we want to focus on which is one of those thorns and now we go to five times magnification once we’re at five times magnification we can focus some more looks good then we go to ten times magnification and we’re going to really really hone in on what we’re trying to focus on which is really that that fiber that you see sticking up there that’s what we’re we’re really dialing it in tight right now bring it back and take the picture so look at that looks pretty good from this distance but I think the best thing to do right now is to zoom in and make sure that we got what we wanted and look at that that is perfectly clear look at that fiber perfectly clear right in focus aye magnification for perfect shots every time until next time I’m ray Scott reminding you it’s not what you see it’s how you see it and I’ll see you soon


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